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    Laverne Cox stanning for Beyoncé at the VMAs

    peep kim though… is you bored



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    I found some old cassette tapes while I was cleaning out my closet yesterday and decided to use one of them for The Art Assignment #12: Imprint.

    I couldn’t literally cut it in half, but it wasn’t too hard to take apart, leaving me with the two parts of the plastic case, five screws, two protective pieces of paper, and two spools of tape.

    I started off seeing what I could do with all of the different parts, but in the end, the spools of tape were the most fun to work with. I like how the last couple ended up looking like faces, particularly the last one, which to me looks like an adorable owl.

    The Art Assignment #12: Imprint: http://youtu.be/-eszUEdj-Hs?list=PLdGqz6dgvIzYgUG9MmGy2N84IED9gA-8W

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    Me as a mother

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    me walking to school after spending a night with good dick


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    he had to ask the audience

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    Water Balloons Falling (and Bouncing) in Slow Motion.

    Rewatch the video.

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    party planner: how do you want to make your entrance?

    me: image

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  12. rycz:

    "If I had a black light, this place would look like a Jackson Pollock painting."

    - Peter Quill / Star-Lord (Guardians of the Galaxy)

    I made this for fun, but now I totally need to print it as a black light poster.

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  14. On The Run Tour in Winnipeg, Canada (July 27th, 2014)

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  15. its-a me twerkio


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